Aug 27, 2014

Fashion Trends from Miami to El Salvador

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Leon Max (Max Studio)

Fashion is all about trends and this summer the fruit trend is one of them. To be honest when I first saw this trend I wasn't jumping right into it, but this is because I don't tend to wear graphics that make me look "young". I look young for my age, that's why I tend to stay away from styles that make me look like a little girl. But non the less it was a trend I wanted to try. When I saw this dress at Zara it called my name. The pineapple print was incorporated in a very classic A-line dress.

What is great about fashion and style is that it's completely individual. Most people fear falling into trends because they feel they "can't pull it off", but fashion is about making it your own. This is why I partnered with Salvadorian fashion blogger Maria Jose Diaz from Our Favorite Style to show all of you that trends can be versatile. There isn't just one way to wear a look. Even though we are miles away fashion is universal. Take a look at how I and Maria Jose wore our fruit trends. 


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