Sep 17, 2019

Mini Vacation Get Away to the Keys

This past weekend was my mom's 60th birthday and we went down to the Keys. We went to Sombrero beach, and we rented a little pavilion and had a family BBQ. It was such a nice weekend even though we got eaten alive by no see ums. They are these tiny mosquitos that are vicious. So here is a huge tip take mosquito repellent next time you go down to the Keys! The next morning we went to have breakfast in this little Cuban restaurant. My mom insisted on taking my picture (because she is my biggest fan haha). It was very hot and since we were celebrating her birthday I wanted to beat the heat but stay looking chic. I wore a silk crepe flower printed short, a cream silk chiffon spaghetti top, and my Beverly Peach color sunglasses. I love my sunglasses because they are affordable yet very good quality. Not only are they cute but they are also polarized which is great because the sun was beaming and bright. I wore my hair in a high ponytail because it was just too hot to have it down.

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Aug 29, 2019

How to Transition Your Accessories From Summer To Fall

It is officially the end of Summer & I am so excited. Not really because of the change of temperature because lets me honest in Miami we don't have fall (it's not going to get any cooler). The reason I am excited is because it's time to change our/update our style! 

This year has been I year were I have really held back on shopping for new clothes like I use to. Having your own business you try and reinvest every penny back into the company and a little less on yourself...BUT I all for investment pieces. Especially with accessories lately. 

The best part of investing in good accessories is that they can last you for years and no matter how much weight you gain or loose it will still "fit" perfectly lol. 

Right now one of the accessories I am looking to invest in is a vintage leather backpack. In October I am going on a trip (I still haven't shared where to but I will soon I promise.) Follow me on Instagram (@chicbyv) & you will find out. Since I am planning on taking this trip I want a bag that will be convenient and stylish, but I also don't want it to be just for the fall. 

Here are two bags that are perfect for summer & fall. 

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