Jun 10, 2014

World Cup Chic

Colombian t-shirt jersey: Colombian Festival 
Denim Shorts: Target
Strapy Chunky Heels: D'or
Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup?! I can't wait! Although I am American my team in soccer is Colombia. My mother is colombian and I learned to watch the sport due to her. I have watched the world cup every year since I was five and I must say I am so excited for this year!

Which ever team you will be rooting for this year here is a chic way to show your team spirit. Wear your country's team t-shirt or jersey and pair it with some denim, this will give your outfit a casual look without being too sporty. I chose to wear shorts because it's always hot in Miami. Heels always lifts your outfit, but to stay casual I wore a chunky heel. 

Now every true sports fan knows showing team spirit doesn't just stop with your clothes. Get creative with your makeup! If you want to look chic painting your face is not an option, but no one said you can't play with your shadows! This is a perfect time to experiment with over the top eyeshadows. Choose colors that complement your country's flag and be bold! 

As for your hair don't stick to the basic pony tail, have fun, be flirty. I styled my hair with a chunky braid down the center and did light curls on the side. Hope this inspires some chic World Cup looks!


Hair styled by: Libhny from Beauty Schools of America

My pose for when my team scores!

Makeup by: Teana from Beauty Schools of America

"Fuleco" The Official World Cup Mascot
Nail Polish: "Leblon Shimmer" Rio passport collection from Hue 
Knuckle Ring: We the hatters 
Promise Ring: Zales
Gold Ring: Aldo

Panini FIFA World Cup Brasil Sticker Album

I only need two more!!

✤ ✤ ✤


  1. I am so proud of Valeria, sharing some of her Colombian roots, in this case on the sports side!

    *** Colombia is Passion *** for many things....One of them is "soccer", and although our team had made it to a few world cups, we are proud of being in this 20th, Brazil World Cup 2014. Let me give a brief history of her involvement with them during these last 6 World cups that she has experienced, so far.

    When Valeria was born in 1990 Germany won the World Cup that was her father’s team at the time! In 1994 she learned to be a fan for USA and Colombia's teams, but nevertheless, towards the finals, she was screaming with excitement in front of the TV when Brazil was the winner!!! Then in 1998 she was in Colombia for her summer vacation, and France became the winner for the first time that year! In her early teens, she was in Middle School when Brazil won the World Cup again, in 2002, there were some Brazilian involvement in our family, which made us automatically their fans. Later in 2006 while she was in High School, Italy's team became the winner, she shared it with some of her school friends from the International Program that were from Italy. In 2010 while she was working for a well-known Spanish restaurant in the Grove, during the summer. She experienced the taste of celebrating the direct excitement of **Winning** being surrounding by all the Miami's Chic Spanish fans including the Spanish Consul, in a private party, when the Spanish team became the Winner of the Soccer World Cup that year.
    Now that she became a Fashion Designer and Blogger. Her passion and excitement are increasing, and she is really looking forward to share them with you all, through this blog.
    Have a Great 2014 Soccer World Cup and share the spirit of it.

  2. Hey, Chic by V.

    How about the Copa America 2016? USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile,Colombia are doing great in this important tournament this year! The statistics showed that more American Women are into Soccer now a days, after the Soccer World Cup in 2014, and there are more women soccer reporters on TV currently. Fans, are following them in all aspects of Fashion Trends and team empathy, during these transmissions. It's not only the great interest that has awaken the feminine world but, a tactic strategy to appeal the opposite sex. These attitudes attracts guys, who love to be around chic girls involved in one of the most growing sport in the USA,SOCCER.
    Thanks to the thousand of Millennium generation, that have been influenced by their parents sports cultures and traditions.

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