Sep 12, 2014

Miami Fashion Manufacturing

It's happening!… The new generation is hitting the ground running and making moves in Miami for our fashion industry. Everyone knows New York to be the US fashion "capitol" and LA to be "Hollywood Fashion" but Miami is starting to make a name for it self. Yes, Miami has hosted major fashion events such Mercedes Benz Swim Week and Funkshion Miami but all of these shows have mainly consisted of international designers meeting at our beautiful city. But where are all the Miamians? Well not so long ago (in the 80s) Miami was a successful manufacturing city, but then production began to move to latin America and Asia where it was most cost efficient. A time where everyone thought about expanding their profits, but now after an economic downfall people still care about making a profit but they also care about the profit profiting the American people. So... what does this mean in practical terms? That the new generation of Miami born and raised people are proud of their city and truly capture the mentality of building our city. 

Take business woman Carla Llull, at the age of 25 years old she owns her own clothing manufacturing company. She has only been in business for a little less than a year and has been blessed with so many opportunities already! This is because there are SO many people ready to build this city. Putting their dreams, talents and aspirations out into the world. House of Llull Atelier is helping so many local designers get started. This movement has just begun and I can see it picking up speed and not slowing down for one minute. Now, what we all need to do as passionate artists, consumers, business men and women is to embrace it. Help each other succeed. Don't ever fear about helping others, when ever you help someone you help your self in return. By helping grow our city we will see more jobs and better opportunities, not only in Miami but across the country. 

I know I have a passion for Fashion and for Miami and I have big dreams for us and I know so many others feel the same! Whatever your passion is chase it! Do it! Or encourage others with dreams and visions. 


Owner of House of Llull Atelier- Carla Llull

✤ ✤ ✤

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  1. It was a very nice and exciting experience, visiting the Miami's dg expo Fabric & Trim Show yesterday, and met your colleague and friend Carla, very professional and charming girl. I wish you both a lot of success on your present and future plans ahead.


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