Jul 16, 2015

Coffee Break with NESCAFÉ

Last Monday I had a great time meeting some new fellow bloggers over a coffee break. Sometimes you just need to break the routine. NESCAFÉ Clásico set up a coffee break station at Bayside Marketplace. They were serving iced coffee (which really helped beat the heat) I had mine with two shots of french vanilla ;) I am so glad I wore a cropped top and a skirt..that sun was blazing. It's definitely summer in Miami!

During the event we sat and chatted while we played a NESCAFÉ version of bingo that helped us get to know each other. We had to ask each other the questions displayed on the card and write the persons initials who the question applied to. It was really fun and interesting. Other guests were asked if they would be willing to have coffee with a stranger. The brave souls and social butterflies that said yes got to chat over coffee with non other than….Ricky Martin! It was all a secret and so suspenseful we didn't even know who our surprise guest was! I got to meet him and I must say he is even more handsome in person!(…yes it's actually possible) Besides his amazing appearance he is just as kind, loving and sweet  as he is handsome. 

Moral of the story…be adventurous, break your routine, grab a cup of NESCAFÉ coffee with a stranger and you might be surprise who you end up meeting :) 

P.S This is why I always suggest for all of us to look our best.. you never know who you might meet..or take a selfie with ;)


Outfit Details:

Cropped Top: Express
Midi Skirt: LOFT
Chunky Heels: D'or
Clutch: Miami Merchandise Mart
Sunglasses: LOFT

✤ ✤ ✤

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