Sep 13, 2017

City Girl In A Farm

Hey guys, let me start by saying thank you to everyone that was concerned about me during Hurricane Irma. Thank God by my neighborhood there weren't any major damages other than a lot of knocked down trees and fences. No big deal in comparison to the disasters other cities like The Keys faced. All of my friends and family are safe! Thank you again.

Now that I have power and wifi again (thank you baby jesus) I'm back to posting. These pictures I actually took a few months ago, I drove out to a place near homestead called Burr's Berry Farm. It was a typical Miami hot summer day, so I decided to have their vanilla ice cream covered in strawberries.. it was delish! The little spot is set up on their berry farm and has cute little benches were you can eat your smoothie or ice cream. I thought my look fit right in, with my denim top similar here and braided updo with my head band similar here ;) but of course I am a true city girl so I had to wear some type of heel similar here lol. I also thought it was so random but cute that they had an old school fire truck parked in the back (perfect for pictures). 



Cotton On Denim Top similar here
LOFT Printed Knot Headband similar here
Jessica Simpson Ankle Peep Toe Booties similar here 
LOFT Sunglasses similar here
Stephanie Elise Design Beaded Wood Bracelets similar here

✤ ✤ ✤

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