Nov 15, 2017


The holidays are here, and I am so excited. Thanksgiving is right around the corner :) I know what most people love about Thanksgiving is the food but my favorite part is spending time with the people I love, that I am truly thankful for. Typically I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, but it's a time I like to celebrate with friends too. This year my friends and I are having a friendsgiving!! I can't wait to gather around the table and catch up and look back on our favorite memories. 

After  long deliberation on when we would all be available we set a date. Now a days some of the formalities of the holidays have disappeared because of the fast pace life style we live, but I feel that tradition is deeply part of the holidays. Holiday cards are such a beautiful tradition that very few people participate in today, much less sending out invitations. That is why I collaborated with Paperless Post. It is a website that creates elegant and beautifully designed online cards and invitations. I have seen online invitations in the past but they were always cheesy and with very poor graphics. These were easy to customize, and it keeps track of every RSVP. I choose to create a friendsgiving invitation and I can't wait to celebrate! 


Collaborated with Anagram Interactive

✤ ✤ ✤

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