Jan 8, 2018

Faux Fur & The Beach

The coldest winter in years is here! & we are feeling it even down here in Miami. Usually when it gets cold in Miami it's for a day or two max and that usually means freezing in the morning and 70-80s by mid afternoon. Last week was special we had real cold weather 40's-50's for about a week and it was high 60's in the middle of the afternoon. During this week of winter we had in Miami I was working styling a photoshoot in Key Biscayne (by the beach) I thought I was dying...I know if you're in New York or Chicago reading this right now your probably want to punch me but I am a warm blooded Miami girl I'm sorry. The great news about this was I was able to wear one of my winter coats. This faux winter coat I bought years ago when I would travel to Seattle for work. I am glad it got some use again :)


✤ ✤ ✤

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