Oct 15, 2019

Where to Travel Outside of London

My trip to the UK was amazing! I had such a great time! I had planned this trip with my boyfriend over a year ago. We originally had planned to go to London to visit my friends that live there, but we decided to take two days to visit somewhere outside of London as well. We ended up deciding on the city of Bath & Salisbury (the city near the Stonehenge).

The city of Bath is beautiful & very romantic for couples. It has a lot of history and places to visit yet feels very small like a town. We spent a whole day sight seeing and it was the perfect amount of time. We arrived to the city around 3pm went straight to the hotel. Which we actually booked outside of the city, we got to see more of the country side. At first we thought we had booked too far but it was nice to see all the natural green land, and we had dinner in a very small town near by. The next day we woke up and took on sight seeing the entire city of Bath. 

Bath is famous for it's Roman Baths from when the Romans lived there. It was very interring and cool but you can't get in the waters (it's not safe). We visited a beautiful church and walked by beautiful buildings. We also went to a beautiful park that gave a beautiful view of the entire city. I wanted to kill my boyfriend for making me walk so much but it was so worth it!

Outfit Details:

Long Sleeve T-shirt: Loft
High-waisted Jeans: Loft
Windbreaker Raincoat: Loft (similar here)
Infinity Knitted Scarf: Loft (similar here)
Crossbody Bag: London Fog (similar here)
Dad Sneakers: Steve Madden 
Glasses: Sojos Vision

So here are some fashion tips when visiting bath in the Fall. Wear super comfortable sneakers, because you will walk... a lot! I wore jeans and a long sleeve white t-shirt but I layered up with a thick knitted scarf and a navy blue rain coat. We were lucky it didn't rain that day but we were prepared. 

Outfit Details:

Long Sleeve T-shirt: Target
High-waisted Jeans: Target
Windbreaker Raincoat: Loft (similar here)
 Scarf: Burberry (similar here
Crossbody Bag: London Fog (similar here)
Dad Sneakers: Steve Madden 
Baseball Cap: Boston Boutique (similar here)

Our next stop was Salisbury (you don't pronounce the "i" we learned lol) This is the city were you take the bus about 30 mins away to go visit the Stonehenge. I have to say considering that this was my 3rd world wonder I was a bit underwhelmed. I have seen Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal and this was not as grand. Once we got there we had to take a second bus that took us to the stone about a mile away and then we had to walk. It was SO cold that day I thought I was going to die and it was raining which didn't help. We didn't even last 10 minutes near the stones lol. Sad but true, but it was a fun experience. I wish this day I would have layered up a bit more. I wore jeans, a long sleeve pink tee shirt, my Burberry scarf and a baseball cap (to save my hair from the rain). Thank God I did take my rain coat.  I think the key is to be prepared. If you are playing on taking this trip I would recommend in a warmer time of year or just really layer up it gets cold!


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