Jun 1, 2020

What to Wear During Quarantine

Being quarantined now for over three months figuring out what to wear has become a journey all on it's own. Some days became PJ days other days I would wear jeans around the house. Sometimes I would find my self in t-shirt dresses. It was hard to figure out what to wear. My laziness and thought of not having to go out would keep me in boring casual clothes. Then I decided if I was going to be wearing basics I needed to at least get some cute pieces. This was why lounge wear has now become my go. Like I said I didn't  want to feel "bummy" so I made sure to invest in some chic loungewear looks. Here are some of my go to favorite looks while staying at home. 

My first look is an over sized tee. This helps me feel very comfy but it isn't just some plain boring tee. It is super cute with this cursive "Stay Home" slogan writing. It also comes in black with white letters. I choose the white tee because I feel like I want to wear bright colors to help brighten my day and give me more energy. I typically wear my over sized tee with leggings. My faux leather leggings help me feel a bit more dressed up. I always style every look with my jewelry, it also helps me feel more elevated. 

But sometimes instead of an over sized tee I rather a more fitted look. This white Babe slogan printed crew neck t-shirt has that same cute vibe with the cursive letters. I love styling this fitted tee by tying the front in a knot.  Since I have been home I also wear this with my leggings but if I wear to go out I would style it with high-waisted denim. This tee also comes in black with white letters. Keeping it simple it the trick for me. I also love the slogan because it is cute and flirty without being too provocative and risky. I am big believer in positive messages and speaking positivity over your life. What we tell ourselves we become. The word babe is cute because it means to me a confident women who catches your attention. I love it because it reminds me of my boyfriend and my friends because they call me this. 

These t-shirts are cute but I don't want to be in a t-shirt all the time. I have a hard time wearing sweat pants but lounge wear these days have gotten cuter and now have a matching set is a must. This grey knitted crop top loungewear set is so comfy and chic. I didn't want something all black because like I mentioned before I want a lighter look but this grey and black blend has such a chic look. I also like that it is loose but the crop sweater helps me not look frumpy. Feeling comfortable and relaxed while still looking chic key in quarantine. Since your home comfort is a priority but because you probably love fashion as much as me you don't want to compromise looking stylish. 

Now if you know me or have been following me on my blog or on IG (@chicbyv) for some time now you know I always love being dressed up and feeling glam and chic. The reality is that I am not going out these days, not even seeing some friends and family. But I want to feel pretty and dressed up but be appropriate for the situation. That is why when I found this mint long sleeve ribbed bodycon mini dress I was so excited. I feel like this ribbed knitted dress is casual which is appropriate for just being at home, but the fact that it is fitted and has this beautiful puffy shoulder makes me love it! This detail on the shoulder and the mint color helps me feel more dressed up even though I am still at home. To keep this look casual I style it with my all white dad sneakers. This has become my favorite look to go out for essentials and come back home a snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix. Who said quarantine means you have to look like a mess. 


✤ ✤ ✤

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