Jul 1, 2020

The Perfect Loungewear Set for Someone Who Hates Sweatpants!

I am genuine advocate for never wearing sweatpants! I am all about fashion over a basic casual styles. The fact that I found these sweat sets and I love them is incredible! First off is this beautiful super trendy Grey Frill Waist Loungewear Set is amazing! I love that the sweatshirt has this beautiful peplum detail! The best part is the fit. I love the fact that it looks fitted at the waistband but its not. It actually fits loosely which is so comfortable. The long bell sleeve detail is also so beautiful. These details make this sweatshirt so feminine and dressy. This set comes with the leggings but I love the fact that I can pair this top with a pair of high waisted denim as well and rock the look. I also really love the tone of the heather grey color it comes in. The material is also soft and comfy and not sheer at all. The top and the leggings both have great coverage! The leggings fit true to legging style, they are fitted through out and they not super high waisted. I also I am 5'2'' and they have just enough excess fabric and that bottom which is great for me! I hate when I have a lot of fabric that bunches up at the bottom. This set comes as S/M, M/L and L/XL. I typically wear a small and as a petite person  I loved the fit. I feel like if you typically wear a M and your not petite I would opt for the M/L just because the leggings are pretty fitted.

This next look I fell in love with so badly that... I got it in three colors, because I am that girl lol. First off the reason I believe I fell in love with this set is because its silhouette is a track suit not baggy sweats. This Navy Loungewear Track Suit Set is called the Maria and it has the softest material ever! When it first arrived I was a little scared because when I picked it up against the light I thought it was going to be sheer but it's not! Thank God, I was so happy because I loved the fit and feel of it. I got the navy color because I feel like navy is just so elegant. The outfit looks very loungewear in navy but still elegant. I also really love this neckline of this set. It is a high neckline but it does not feel constraining. The waist band of the top is also amazing, it does not have elastic which I love because it allows the top blouse over and fall so beautifully. 

Since I loved the Maria Loungewear Tracksuit so much I also go it in this beautiful olive green color. On the site they have it under the color Khaki, but I think this is a language difference. The brand is from the UK and I have seen UK brands call olive green Khaki before. For us in the US we consider a Khaki to be more beige, but they have an actual beige color also and it is called beige lol. This olive green color is my favorite. I feel like it goes so perfectly with my skin color. I also was really impressed on how dressy it looks. I would feel totally comfortable to wear this to go to the grocery store or run some errands. I also love that when styled with gold jewelry it really pops. This is why this set can help you look more dressed up than you feel. If you are in the mood to be extra put on a strappy heel and take your look from street style to chic! 

Last but note least is the same Maria Tracksuit in this beautiful wine color. I loved that even though all the sets are different colors the fabric and quality was the same in all of them! I love the fit of the pants, from the diagonal slashed pocket to the faux tie. The way the top fits so loosely but not boxy is ideal. I know I will be getting so much use out of these sets. I can't wait to wear them 24/7!


✤ ✤ ✤


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