Feb 5, 2021

What to wear on Valentine's Day 2021


January is over! Is it just me or is 2021 already flying by?! Well now Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I know many of us are not sure yet how we are going to be celebrating. Depending on what city you live in and what your restrictions are we have to keep in mind we are in a pandemic and this will help determine your plans for Valentine's Day. 

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Dec 29, 2020

What to wear on New Years Eve!

New Years Eve is almost here and I wanted to share with you all some inspo looks! On New Years Eve I typically like to wear something colorful and dressy. I like to feel like I am brining in the new year with my best look. This Wine Slinky Balloon Sleeve Bardot Mini Dress is perfect for New Years Eve. The dressed is styled on Femme Luxe as off the shoulder but I like styling it with the sleeves up as a more classic style. It makes me feel more sophisticated, especially since it is already mini. I prefer to show less skin even though I do like to feel sexy. Especially since I am celebrating and hanging out with my family. I want to look sexy but always appropriate. 

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Dec 19, 2020

Getting Ready for New Year Resolutions!

I know, I know Christmas has not even happened yet but it’s time we started thinking about what new year resolutions we want to make for 2021! 

First off let’s just celebrate the fact that 2020 is almost over! It has been a hard year but for many of us it has made us reflect and realize what is important to us. Even though I know many us spent a our days eating our feelings (lol) it’s time to make a change for 2021 and get back in shape! 

For me I didn’t work out this year basically at all! So my first resolution is to create a workout plan and stick to it. For me it’s always easier to want to work out when I have a cute workout outfit! Like these form FeelinGirl

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