May 21, 2014

Miami Fashion Week- Andres Sarda Show

On Friday night the last show was Andres Sarda , a lingerie and swimwear brand from Barcelona, Spain. The collection that went down the runway was Fall/Winter Collection 2014. The fashion show's theme was Welcome to Fabulous inspired by the famous city of Las Vegas. Typically when you hear a show is inspired by Las Vegas you think over the top show girls, but Andres Sarda was able to take the Las Vegas theme and make it shine in all it's glory.

He brought the sex appeal but without the raunchiness. He made the collection display luxury and sophisticated sexiness. He did this by using plenty of mesh and peek-a-boos, as well as accessorizing the looks with fur shawls and feathers. It gave the ode to the Las Vegas Show girls without having the models look like actual show girls. 

My favorite piece of the night was the mesh peek-a-boo polka dot dress. I love the concept of wearing a gown as lingerie. The idea alone is so glamourous, I believe it would make any woman feel royal. The Nude panels show your skin clearly but the fabric with the polka dots make it harder to see your skin. Making the viewer have to keep looking to really capture what lies underneath, and let's be honest mystery and illusion is sexier than just putting it all out there. 


This is my Fav!

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