Jul 7, 2014

Fashion Insider

So as you may know I am all about sharing my gold mines. My new one is actually an app! Have you ever browsed a magazine, website, or even Instagram and completely fallen in love with an item, but you have no idea what brand it is, where it's from and much less how much it cost. ( I know you have because happens to me 24/7…) Well imagine if you can just pick the item and know everything about it! Crazy…right?… Well there is this new app called Piccing. The name is oh so appropriate. You get to pick what you like from the image and know everything about it. ( I told you it was crazy!) 

They way it works is pretty simple, you take a picture of the ad or picture your viewing and then upload it onto the app. Then, you can actually pick the item. It asks you basic questions for example, color, category and then it reveals the item to you. If it doesn't find the exact item it gives you very similar suggestions which is great because sometimes we just like the overall aesthetic of the item. If you ask me this genius. Check it out (it's free!), you can download on the app store. I would love to get some feed back to see if it works for everyone. Oh and did I mention it works on everything, not just fashion. 


✤ ✤ ✤

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