Mar 1, 2015


You know how people always say it's not what you say but how you say it..? Well my baby pink #bossy tee tells the world I'm bossy but in a cute feminine soft way ;) There is nothing wrong with being a strong independent woman, but how you show that to the world is what matters. You don't have to be rude of harsh to prove yourself. 

I know as a women we are still overcoming the issues of discrimination and we are still being judged and classified differently than men, but we have to prove to the world that women can do anything men can do..and sometimes even in heels :). 

So don't be afraid to be the boss, just kill them with kindness and while displaying your talents and knowledge.  #bossy.


Blazer: Loft
#bossy Tee: uktrends
Skinny Jeans: Loft
Color Block Heels: Call it Spring
Glasses: Dolce and Gabbana 

✤ ✤ ✤

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