May 21, 2015

Shine Bright

This is the perfect time to rock your bright colors! Doing neon colors can tend to make your look like you just step out of Ultra, but here is how to make it look chic.

Pair your neon top with a neutral color (yes black is neutral). If you want to add more pops of color your accessories are the place to do it, whether it is a purse, shoes or a necklace this will help your look pop. Just remember less is more (most of the time..this is one of those times). If you want to wear a lot of accessories choose to do metallics wither all gold or all silver. Choose to do a natural look for your makeup, your clothes should keep the attention. 

Hope you shine bright this spring!


Skirt: Leon Max
Heels: D'or
Necklace: LOFT
Cuff: Coach
Watch: Michael Kors

✤ ✤ ✤

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