Dec 21, 2016

Fall 2016 Shoe Trends Worth Trying This Festive Season

The festive and holiday season is around the corner, and this is the just the perfect time to talk about the fall trends. In this post, we will talk of decoding shoe trends for the season. While fall 2016 had some amazing ideas worth trying, some of these are more relevant than ever before, at least for the last month of the year. Along with the trends, we are also going to add a few tips here and there for better styling. Let’s get started:

Upscale lady: The use of amazing materials and styles has added a lot of variety to the fall collections. From the fancy embroidery to designer heels and materials like laces, there were so many choices for the modern lady. To get this trend right, you need to pick a pair of shoes that can be unique and work as standalone accessory for the entire look. Also, this is one of the few trends, where you should consider investing in the higher end brands. Just team one of such pairs with a nice winter colour dress, and you are ready to go.

Great highs: Boots for the fall are anything but revolutionary. A lot of designers also worked with the knee-high boot, giving it the much-needed twist of colour and material. A pair of knee/thigh high boots is actually a good investment, as long as you are experimental with wearing shorter dresses and skirts for the fall. Add a nice trench coat to the mix, and you can keep going to every party and outdoor event without a second thought. For right boots, look for colours like brown, tanned blue and green shades, and while leather can be your pick for the material, besides suede.

Velvety feel: Velvet is, undoubtedly, the most used material for fall 2016. From complete long dresses to smaller tops, accessories, handbags and shoes, velvet was everywhere. Wearing velvet outfits can be quite tricky, because it can go over the top in no time. However, a pair of velvet shoes is always safer in terms of investment. This can be the only highlighting accessory in the entire look. To get this trend right, just look for heels instead of flats and bellies. Velvet heels with a nice touch of embellishment can look really good choice, or else, you can go all classy with a regular par in classic stiletto style.

Bonus trend: Mules and slip-in shoes were also one of the major takeaways from fall 2016. If you like trends that are easy to pull off and even more easier to shop, this is the trend you should be looking it.
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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger, author, stylist and the chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion, a budding fashion blog. She is known for her amazing sense of trends and fashion norms, followed by readers around the globe.

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