Dec 30, 2016

New Year Resolutions & Printable Work Sheets

Every year the typical thing is to make New Year Resolutions which by February most of us are usually breaking them. Even though resolutions get a bad rep I actually love them because they give me a hope for new things to come. Now I believe the key is to see your New Year Resolutions as goals not just desires. When you have a goal you make a plan. This helps you follow thru giving you a better chance of success. 

2016 has been FULL of memes on how horrible this year was and how we are all ready for it to be over. Although there have been a lot of crazy terrible things happening this year I think it's important to reflect on the great things that happened this year. Getting caught up on the past will only bring you down. It's a new year, a new time for change and a time to change things you didn't like or let go of the things you can't control. I am not saying ignore your past but learn from it and know when it's time to move on. (Trust me I am preaching to my self). 

This is why this year I decided to create some spread sheets to share with all of you! I love to organize my self and write everything down, I literally have 4 different journals lol (I'm crazy). So I decided I would share with all of the you tool I use :)

First, you have the reflection sheet. In the reflection sheet I want you to write down reflections from 2016. What moments or events happened this last year that you are thankful for or what things are you ready to move on from. 

Second, you have the New Year Resolutions Sheet. In this sheet you have a column for your goals (your new resolutions) and in the next column you have the action, what are you going to have to do to achieve this goal in 2017! In the last column you have the date completed, this will help you stay accountable on what date you achieved your goal. You can write as many things as you would like, if you run out of space print an other one ;)

Lastly, you have the goal sheet. I made one Goal Sheet separately for that one specific goal you want to break down in how you're going to achieve it. Let's say this year your major focus is to get in shape, first you will write what steps you will take. For example: 1. Join a gym or fitness center. Then you would right the next step and so forth until you achieve your goal in number 10. Remember to be specific, that is how we can make our goals achievable. When we really know what we are aiming for it is easier to accomplish it. So instead of saying I want to get in shape write I want to loose 20 lbs and tone my butt ;) 

I know getting fit is one of the biggest resolution cliches but don't get discouraged because you have tried before and failed. You only loose when you stop trying. I would love for you guys to share with me some of your New Year Resolutions! You can comment below or on Instagram. Also feel free to post your pictures with the #2017withChicbyv or snapchat me! (@valeriaamaral) whichever I would love to see them! 


Kick butt in 2017! <3

✤ ✤ ✤

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