May 20, 2021

Getting Fit After This Pandemic

During all of last year, as many of you know I didn’t find myself working out much. I would try and work out here and there but I just couldn’t stay consistent. Now that I am fully vaccinated I finally feel comfortable going back to the gym. 

I love my gym because they offer classes all the time and I really enjoy taking classes. I started back up taking Zumba classes, it’s my favorite and I feel it’s the best way to get back into consistently working out. I am starting slow by working out once to twice a week. This helps me make achievable goals that I can work up to.

Now as you know I am always in favor of getting a little help on my fitness journey. I have been working out with a waist trainer for years now and I always feel that it helps snatch me in. The exercises feel harder when working out with a waist trainer but I love it, because it makes me feel that I am actually achieving my goals. I feel that the best waist trainer is the one that straps you in and that has hook and eyes. This type of waist trainer makes me feel the most slim.

Of course when I am not working out I don't want to be wearing a waist trainer but I do want to continue to feel slim and sucked in lol. That's why I also love wearing a slimming bodysuit underneath my clothes. I prefer wearing slimming bodysuits that mimic lingerie, it makes me feel sexier. This one is a great example and it also comes in beige, which works great under light colored clothes. 

Like I said getting back to a routine at the gym is key but trust me doing it with a waister trainer is a great boost. Don't just take my word for it, look at some of these waist trainer before and after pictures.

 But remember if you want permanent results you have to stay consistent. I am just so grateful that I am finally starting to feel like my self again.


✤ ✤ ✤

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