Nov 24, 2021

The Best Black Friday Sale!


You all know I am team shape wear! But let's be honest it can get pricey! Well guess what, I just found a new shape wear brand that will blow your mind on how affordable their prices are! Lover-beauty is an online shape wear brand and I am excited to tell you that this Black Friday you will be able to buy wholesale shapewear prices on sale! Yes, already amazing prices on sale! This is truly a great deal, that way you can buy more than one and trust me once you start buying shape wear you are going to want them in at least two colors, black and nude. This brand has different shades of nude to accommodate your skin color and what you feels works best for your wardrobe. You are also going to want to buy them in different styles to accommodate your outfits, as well as what you want to suck it and what you want to accentuate.

I truly believe that shape wear is amazing for making you feel confident in your own skin, but for years it typically has been boring or ugly. It would have been embarrassing for someone to see you wearing shape wear. Thank God we are living in more modern times and brands like Lover-beauty offer beautiful, modern and sexy designs that make you proud of your shape wear! Take this black bodysuit Full Body Shaper. It is the perfect shape wear to wear as a top with your favorite high-waisted jeans. The best part is that it is not a regular bodysuit but a shape wear bodysuit so it sucks you in and smooths out your skin to make you feel flawless!

Not only do they have bodysuits, they also have more sexy shape wear. For example this beautiful and sexy black lace piece is to die for! This is the perfect shape wear for a romantic date night. Long gone are the days that you would be embarrassed by being seen in your shape wear. This piece makes you feel confident, and sexy at the same time. Lover-beauty couldn't be a more accurate name for this brand! I know this Black Friday my shape wear drawer will be full! 



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