May 24, 2022

I am Getting Married! & I Need the Perfect Shapewear!


I have some exciting news! If you already follow me on Instagram then you already know but for those of you who do not... I am getting married! I am so excited and in full planning mode! I am the most excited for my wedding dress & all the white bridal looks I will be wearing! With that said I need to make sure my body is looking and feeling good in all my looks, because these memories are forever. 

Since all my looks are going to be all white the ideal shade for my shapewear would be a beige/nude color. For the fitted dresses I plan to wear I want to make sure my tummy feels flat and that I have no panty lines. The ideal shapewear for this is the thong shapewear bodysuit. The best part of this shapewear is that the straps are adjustable so it can give the support you need. It also has amazing tummy control. 

If you are getting married like me or you are also looking for the right shapewear for your favorite dresses or outfits and your stomach is your main concern, then a side zipper shapewear is the perfect shapewear for you. This shapewear is the perfect shapewear for any bride to wear under her wedding dress because it has removal straps and starts underneath your bust. This is ideal because most wedding dresses already have great structure for your bust but you may want to feel more snatched in your stomach. It also helps round your butt, to give you the perfect shape. This is ideal if you have a mermaid shape wedding gown or a fitted dress or outfit. If this wasn't enough to convince you to wear it on your wedding day, maybe this will. This shapewear has a crotch zipper making it easy to use the restroom. I know that this will come in handy on my wedding day! 

Now weddings are not all about the bride.. well they are 90% about the bride but we also can't forget that the bridesmaids also need to look their best too and if your bridal party is anything like mine your girls also range in sizes. So no matter if they are a petite size two or plus size there is shapewear for all. They can even consider a waist trainer for plus size women to help them get their waist smaller for the big day instead of wearing shapewear underneath their gown that day. I can't wait to see all my bridesmaids and my self looking and feeling our best!


✤ ✤ ✤

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