Dec 9, 2013

Art Basel Night Two

On my second day of Art Basel I attended the official show at the convention center and after attended a White Party. This year Art Basel did not disappoint, as expected :) I noticed within the art community a trend that's taking over and making an impact... Photographs placed in front of LCD lights. The effect is mind blowing it feels as if you are watching a still frame on an HD TV. I also found this year a lot more art or children which I suprisling enjoyed. Like this sculpture of the yellow ballons floating on top of each other. 

After a great day at the convertion center I attended a White Party, since there was not much time to change my look from comfy/artisty to night time chic I planned ahead. I wore my white mesh dress from Express, my black leather jacket from Macys to give that edgy look, with my knee high Michael Kors boots, because walking art Basel in heels might be cute but tiring once you walk the whole floor! 

When the time came to change the look it was a quick swap. The jacket came off and the accessories changed from silver to gold. The dress had a gold exposed zipper in the back and since I was no loner wearing the jacket it showed, also my hair was parted in braids showing off the back. I changed my shoes for my strapy patented leather heels from Guess. And I was good to go! :) 

✤ ✤ ✤

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