Dec 29, 2013

Christmas Recap

Dress- Zara
Clutch- Miami Merchandise Mart
Shoes- $5 shoes 
Necklace- DECS South Beach 

Hope your Christmas was full of fun and love :))). I had a blast this year filled with lots of fun and dancing. Traditionally in my family on every major holiday (including our birthdays) we always were new outfits :). This year I did red for christmas.. yes it may seem typical but some time you can't mess with the classics. I wore a red peplum dress from Zara, accessories with my black and gold triangle necklace from DECS South Beach. My black leather clutch with a gold exposed zipper is from the Miami Merchandise Mart. Last but not least.. you will never believe how much I paid for these amazing black suede stripy heals!!…$5! yup $5! On Flagler street and 107 Ave there is a shop that sells shoes for $5. Yes it's like finding a diamond in the rough..but if your up for the search its worth it! I found them in black, grey and brown! For $5 i couldn't turn them down! :)

Here is an other picture from Christmas of me with my dad and sister :)
(We all wore red accidentally lol.. You can't mess with the Classics)
Hope you all have a Happy New Year :)

✤ ✤ ✤

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  1. Valeria Amaral, you are very chic person and fabulous, continue the good work, I love all your looks , Rock girl..Themis Colares.


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