Mar 10, 2014

Eco-friendly Jewelry

This beautiful "bombshell" gold cuff isn't just beautiful fashion but it's also eco friendly. Your probably wondering as I was how can jewelry be eco-friendly and "I didn't even know other jewelry might not be. When companies source diamonds, gold or other precious stones they care more about their cost than the expense at which others had to go through to obtain it. 

Many people take advantage and use slaves to harvest our jewelry.  Well I came upon this site that sells amazing gold and diamond pieces that are all sourced ethically. I love fashion, and there is nothing more I love when it comes to my look than to look sophisticated, but I hadn't realize my look may come at someone else's misfortune. It got me thinking… Bashford Jewelry got it right. You don't have to sacrifice style and ethics. 

Not only do they source all there materials ethically they also give back to different charities with every purchase. They donate to the Salvation Army Rehabilitation, A21 Campaign, ROWW ReachOut Worldwide and Polaris Project.

Help our world be a better place by shopping with companies that take the extra step to care. 

Here are some items I am adding to my wish list!


Bashford Jewelry

✤ ✤ ✤

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