Mar 20, 2014

Pandora Fashion with Meaning

When pandora began to become very popular among people I wasn't too sure if I really wanted to go along with the "craze". I tend to make my fashion choices before trends become mainstream or if I truly  see something special about it I find my own way to style it. 

Well Pandora kinda of came to me. For my birthday two years ago my cousin bought me my first bracelet and charms. I had been going through some tough times and  she was truly there for me along the way. That's why when she explained the meaning behind her gift it really touched me. She explained originally the purpose behind Pandora's charm bracelets were that someone had to give you one and only that person could buy you the charms for your bracelet, because the charms were suppose to represent the relationship between the two of you. That was extremely meaningful for me at the time. 

My cousin is like a second sister to me, after she got me mine for my birthday I of course bought her one for her birthday. Since then every time we have had meaningful moments together and in our lives we have bought each other charms :)

Now you too can share this gift with someone close to you! Pandora in Dadeland and Aventura is giving away a free bracelet starting now March 20th-23rd when you spend $100. It's a great way to buy a few charms to start it off!  


✤ ✤ ✤


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