Mar 24, 2014

What do you "Inner wear" ?

As fashionistas we always talk about great looks and outfits, but we rarely talk about what we wear on the inside. Mostly because we don't feel comfortable posting pictures of are selves in lingerie, as it can be a bit tasteless or give off the wrong impression. This is why we never talk about it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to dress on the inside.

I truly believe clothes helps women feel beautiful and confident, but lingerie makes women feel sexy and confident. There is nothing wrong with feeling sexy underneath your clothes. On the contrary its empowering when you know you have it going on on the inside as well.

Your underwear is usually the piece of clothing you put the least amount of thought in and is part of your basics. The same way you have basics in your closet. Yet we all know if your wardrobe is only basics your style is pretty flat and boring. We all need some Fashion in our style and that is true for what we wear underneath it all. This is a perfect place to take risks because your not exposing your lingerie to the world. It's an intimate choice you make, you get to choose who sees you in it, even if it's just for you!

I am going to be honest I usually wear my basics…underwear, but I do own some lingerie and when I do wear it I know I walk with a little pep in my step ;). Typically people think lingerie means extremely reveling sexy night gowns but that is not true. Lingerie is intimate apparel. It could be a bra and panty set with some Fashion. The reason most women don't have tons of lingerie isn't because they don't want to feel sexy (because lets be honest what woman doesn't want to feel sexy), it's because it is pricy. Which is completely understandable, but let's be honest your willing to spend big bucks on a designer bag, jacket or dress but not on designer lingerie. Why because no one can see it…? Well I think women have to realize Fashion and style really isn't about other people it's about you! And being confident in who you are.

I know spending a $100 on lingerie is not an everyday thing, but I know that when I do make that purchase it's on something that is going to make me feel confident and sexy. At the end of the day how we feel is what Fashion and Style is really all about.

When shopping for lingerie don't be afraid to be as adventurous as you want, yet stay true to who you are. I know my style is a bit feminine and thats something I look for in my "inner wear". Here are some looks on my wish list from Inner Wear Lingerie. They sell designer lingerie and have a wide variety of styles for all personalities.

Hope this inspires you to be sexier on the inside ;)


✤ ✤ ✤

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