Jun 24, 2014

Gear up to Workout!

Let's be honest it is really hard to stay consistent with your workouts. Whether you work too much, or have to much school or both. Our lives are always go go go, but it is so important to stay fit and healthy. -Not too mentioned when you feel good you look good ;)

What really gets me motivated to work out is actually looking good. I know it seems a bit silly, but there is something that gets me more motivated to work out when I dress the part. Yea we can all wear an old T-shirt and hit the gym or go for a run, but nothing compares to working out when you feel confident. 

There is a saying I truly believe and that is you must always dress for the job you want not the job you have. I believe this to be true for everything. You want to get fit, feel motivated to push yourself then you need to dress the part. 

Now I know that many people feel differently on spending big bucks on workout clothes but here is something that works for me that fits right about in the middle.  Like in all my post I always say I truly believe in spending your money in key items that are worth it. For working out those items for me start with your sneakers. Now I know that lately sneakers have become very "trend" based. Which is great that there are so many different styles and fashions but please make sure you are buying the right shoes for you. 

I will give you my example I love sneakers that are thin and sung your foot, but I have weak knees so I have to workout with sneakers that give me a lot of support. I was able to find these Nike Zoom sneakers with extra support on the heel that were trendy in color, so I accepted it wasn't a style I would have first chosen for its style.

My second item in priority of my budget are my workout leggings. I workout at home sometimes but I mainly go to the gym. And lets be honest the last thing you want to be worrying about when you are squatting is whether or not the whole world can see your butt or your pretty lacy panties. Workout leggings should be thick! Of course you want to breath in them, so I recommend to look for workout leggings not just fashion leggings. Athletic fabrics have advanced so much, they can literally cool you as your work out. My favorite of all time, I have to say are fromVictoria Secret. They fit right, give me enough coverage when I bend over and I never get too hot in them. With this said, the other item I spend is a sports bra.

Now this area is different for every woman because of course we all come in different sizes. I am a pretty petite girl so I don't need as much support as others but I do like to have some padding in my sports bras I feel it gives me better support when working out. I also buy my sports bras from Victoria's Secret. 

Last, but least in price are my t-shirts and tanks. Since I do like to be trendy and stylish I typically buy t-shirts in bold colors. My go to spots have to be Wet Seal and Cotton On.

T-shirt: Wet Seal 
Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret Sport
Leggings: Victoria's Secret Sport
Sneakers: Nike
Socks: Puma

Water Bottle: Wet Seal
"This is so me lol"

✤ ✤ ✤

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