Sep 5, 2014

NFL Season Outfits!

It's official football season is here! This is America's most popular pass time, and as a true chic fashionista its another opportunity to look amazing! The concept of being sporty = tomboy is a poor misconception. You can defiantly be sporty chic! 

First start by choosing your team, I am sure most of you already have your favorite teams for which ever reason. To be honest I don't follow football too much so my team of choice is purely due to my love for my hometown Miami. 

I kwon that the Miami Dolphins don't have a good winning streak but I root for them during the whole season anyways. I am extremely excited that the Dolphins have this new team jersey colors! When I saw this jersey on I got so excited! White and silver makes my look for the games very elegant and edgy. 

I am all about glamming up my outfits, but you always have to remember to dress appropriately. Let's be honest if you are watching your favorite team this season you are either at the game, at a bar, or having a BBQ in your backyard. So what does this mean of your wardrobe? It means dress comfortably. That's why my ideal game day outfit consists of this leather like skort (yes not skirt) so that you can run around and not have to worry of slip ups. These knee high gladiator sandals so you can be comfortable standing, running and jumping up and down when your team scores, yet still look extremely chic. Don't forget to add an accessory for fun :) ... and last but not least if your outside you need some sunglasses to block those sun rays. 

Hope this inspires you to rock your chic NFL looks this season! Post all your pictures using #GDO (game day outfit)


-Get the look-
Team Jersey:
Leather like Skort: New Look
Knee High Leather Gladiator Sandals: Revolve (Stuart Weitzman)
Silver Belt Cuff: (Victor and Rolf)
Silver Mirror Gladiator Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta

✤ ✤ ✤

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