Jun 18, 2016

It's Your Hair Baby!

If you follow me on Snap Chat (@valeriaamaral) you know how much I was loving this Aquis Hair towel. I couldn't wait to create a blog post to share with all of you how great it is!

So let me give you some background info on my hair issues. My hair is naturally curly, frizzing and full of volume. Over the years it has been a challenge to style my hair because I live in Miami (which is the capital of humidity). 

I have found products that work for me, but over the years they have changed due to products being discontinued (Sexy Straight Hair-please come back!) or my hair changing its consistency. (Every few years our hair changes because our hormones change). 

When I got my hands on this Aquis towel I could not wait to try it out. The towel helps fight frizz in your hair because it reduces friction that you get from a regular cotton towel. It also helps dry your hair faster. This alone was key for me because I have so much hair and it is very thick it takes FOREVER to dry. In the past I have washed my hair, gotten dressed, done my makeup and been at work for 2 hours and my hair was still wet! After using Aquis my hair was 80% dry after 5 mins!! 

We live in this crazy world trying to find the right products to help fix all the damage we have done to our hair...but its' like going to the gym and still eating burgers and ice cream everyday. Your not doing anything but putting a band aid. This Aquis towel helps deal with the issue at the root...literally. 

I also love that the towel comes in a long length for people like me who have long hair (don't care). It also comes in a waffled textured for people like me who have thicker hair. Not to mention it comes in a turban which I love because it's just so chic, and a headband which I use every morning and night to hold back my hair as I wash my face and do my skin routine  (you can see that post here)

I'm a little obsessed... :)


✤ ✤ ✤


  1. Excellent Tips!Especially for us the curly hair ones!!!!

  2. Treating your curly hair to a hair mask once a week may seem like a chore to a few, especially when you are already oiling, washing, and conditioning your hair regularly. thin curling iron


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