Oct 15, 2016

Get Thrifty!

Last Saturday I went to Wynwood's Thrifter Market and fell in love with a little vendor called "The Tipsy Gardener". After I bought my first succulent now all I want is more. It's mainly because I can abandon them and they won't die! lol Ok so there are many talents that God has graced me with but a green thumb is NOT one. I don't have time to care for plants but I love how they make your home look. It really gives your home some style.  Succulents are the best! They are cute a required very very low maintenance. So do cactus! So once I stumbled across this local vendor I was thrilled! Soon I will have as many plants as I do shoes ;)


Get the Look:

Top: Max Studio
Jeans: American Eagle
Booties: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Forever 21 

✤ ✤ ✤

1 comment:

  1. I'm So Glad you are going for it! You had to have some plants around, and to see this beautiful cactus by your window Bright Up your Life! :)


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