Jul 24, 2018

Get Sleek Volume and Radiant Shine Hair at Home

I have been loving this long sleek hair trend lately, but let’s get real when most of us go to the salon and ask for a sleek look that doesn’t mean we want it to be flat. I am excited to work with sponsor, TOTALEE, to share how to get sleek volume hair, with radiant shine. You really can have it all! 

Step 1: 

washit: Apply 2-4 pumps (I used 4, I have a lot of hair) Massage into your scalp in circular motions all the way to your ends for about 2 minutes. Then rinse hair thoroughly. 

Step 2:

rinsit: Apply 2-3 pumps (I used 6 lol ... long hair don’t care) directly onto your hair starting at the ends working your way up. Now here is the key, avoid your roots and scalp. Then rinse hair thoroughly.

Step 3:

workit: After shampooing and conditioning with WASH and RINS, gently towel dry to remove excess water. I like to use my aquis microfiber towel that drys and helps prevent frizz. After, depending on the length of your hair squeeze a pea or dime size amount of WORK (cream elixir-styling cream). This helps protect, smooth, and replenish your hair while locking out humidity. Which is goals, especially in Miami the capital of humidity. 

Step 4: 

glowit: Now it’s time to glow! Shake GLOW well. Then spray evenly onto your hair (at least 8-10 inches away from scalp), from mid strands to ends. Do not rinse.

Step 5: 

styleit: Blow dry your hair. Then use a 1 inch flat iron, part your hair and iron strands of hair about 2 inches thick. 

Viola! You will have a beautiful sleek look with volume and shine. It’s not just about adding an other product it’s about using a product that works that gives such great results! 


✤ ✤ ✤


  1. Great Tips, now more than ever when Summer is here, and is affecting our hair badly!

  2. :) I like the whole concept, it does made an impact on the look we want to approach!


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