Apr 20, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day may seem a bit far but seeing how we are still very much in quarantine it's time to start online shopping, just to make sure our gifts come in on time.

During this quarantine time I have really noticed how much I don't like to online shop. I have always been an in person shopper. I like to see the item, touch the item, to see if the price is worth it. I am very visual person and I have a very good sense to on measuring quality in person. Online this is much more difficult as you have to research a lot more. Read reviews, analyze sizes etc...

Since I find myself having to do all this work now I figured I might as well share all the online shopping/researching I am doing. Here are 6 different gift options to give this Mother's Day. I tried to look for different items and different price points that I would like to consider and I know many of you would also appreciate. 

1. The infamous Revlon One Step Hair Dryer. Everyone has been talking about this new brush/blow dryer and how amazing it is. I think this is the perfect gift for mom, now more than ever. Maybe your mom was the type that preferred going to the salon and because of this she doesn't like the hassle of taking for ever to style her hair. Well this might just be the perfect gift! She can start feeling her self again without all the work and half the time!

2. This beautifully dainty brass chain necklace with the brass coins engraved saying Grateful + Breath. This is such a beautiful gift right now because of the tough times we are going through. I am not a mom yet but I can only imagine how much it would mean for a mom to receive this gift. It is a beautiful reminder that during this time of uncertainty we need to breath and be grateful for all that we have. 

3. These fluffy pink Ugg house slippers are the perfect little comfy gift. Maybe mom hasn't really felt like dressing up lately who says she can be cute and comfy. This is the perfect gift for mom especially these days that she is stuck at home. 

4. This is a create gift for all the moms in your life you want to honor but you can't buy a gift for. You  can be extremely thoughtful with out spending too much. This virtual Mother's Day card from paperless post is the perfect low cost gift you can just sent via email. I love paperless post I have been using them for years. The way it works is you buy coins and depending on which card you choose they are worth a different amount of coins. For example you can spend $10 to buy 25 coins. This mother's day card is worth 4 coins. That makes this one card $1.60! 

5. This Heated Neck Massager is a great gift for the price!! These massagers tend to be expensive averaging around $100 and this one is only $33.99! I also really like it because it has the handles at the end that help you pull and adjust wherever you need more pressure. 

6. This Air Fryer is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to cook! Thank God we are now moving towards healthier eating as a society BUT let's not deny ourselves of traditional and yummy comfort food. This is a great way mom can continue to cook her delicious fried foods for the family and know she is choosing a healthier option. This one has great reviews and a great price! 

Hope this gift guide helps! Please let me know if you buy any of the items I would love to hear your feedback! Or let me know what other things you would like me to suggest would be a good purchase.


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