Jul 15, 2020

How To Do An At Home Keratin

These pass few days Miami has been in lock down again and even though a few things are still open it is just safer to stay home as much as possible. This is way I decided to be brave a do an at home treatment! I have been thinking about getting Keratin done on my hair as I had heard it was great for eliminating frizz. The reality is that this treatment in a salon is about $300 and I didn't really want to spend that type of money.

Then I came about this Amazonliss Keratin treatment on Amazon and decided to give it a try. It's only $59.99 which I thought was too good to be true, but I soon learn it wasn't and why the price is worth it! You see when I started doing the treatment I realized how much work and time goes into it. I followed all the instructions and it took me 5 hours! Mind you I have very long, very thick curly hair...but the reason salons charge $300 is not because the treatment is so expensive it's because the procedure takes so much time!

So if you are willing to spend a few hours on your self and do this at home treatment you can save a ton of money! The steps are simple just time consuming as it depends how much hair you have because you have to do it in sections. Also I was scared it would not be enough product since I have so much hair, but it does go a long way! Especially as the instruction state to not over saturate the hair. 

After my long process here is a picture of my results. I love it! & I think it is so worth it. If you want a good laugh and see more of what goes into the process before you commit to doing it follow me on Instagram @chicbyv and checkout my highlight! 


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