Sep 26, 2020

All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal


Years ago I got laser hair removal on my upper lip and I was so upset when the hair came back. That experience helped me learn a lot. I learned that hair on your face and bikini area are hormonal and cannot be guaranteed to permanently be removed. Because of this I was hesitant to ever do laser again but after much research I realized that getting laser and having occasional touch ups throughout my life time I would still save tons of money on waxing and shaving.

With that said I decided to get laser on my under arms. I decided to get laser on my underarms for two reasons, one because shaving has always been a hassle. If I shave too often I get razor burn and my hair grows back so fast, that I compare it to mens 5 o'clock after shadow. (not cute). Second because it's low maintenance. You are not suppose to get sun in the area you are treating, if you do you must wear SPF 35+. Since my underarms never get sun I don't have to worry. You are also not suppose to wear deodorant before going to your session and one day after your session. 

Now I am not going to lie, laser hair removal is painful. My first session was brutal and they say the first session is the least painful... so I am very afraid. lol. But after sharing on my IG so many of you shared that I should get numbing cream and wear it 1 hour before my session. I just finished buying a cream on amazon that I plan on testing, if it works I will share it with you all the details. I can't wait to start seeing results. The assured me my under arms will feel as smooth as a baby's but. 


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