Feb 18, 2014

Not your Mom's Makeup...

I know than when most girls hear about Mary Kay they think of their mom or pink Cadillacs, but they actually don't know anything about the make up and their skin care. So I wanted to give you the insider on the leading makeup in the country! 

I know every girl has their brand they love for certain things, I know I do and it wasn't Mary Kay, and it wasn't Mary Kay because I didn't know anything about it or where to get it. 

I was invited to host a makeup session and learn about Mary Kay makeup and skin care while meeting and hanging out with some great women! Let me tell you some things really surprised me. 

Myself and makeup consultant Nicole Cevallos Govin
During our makeup party we worked on skin care treatments and the different makeup products they offer. The first product we used was a 3 in 1 facial cleanser which blew my mind! It is actually a cream you rub all over your then take it off with a wipe. The amount of makeup that came off was remarkable.
Most girls know you should always moisturize before you put on any makeup, but I never considered my moisturizer should have vitamins to rejuvenate my skin. Then again I never knew that our body stop producing collagen at 20 years of age!! Yes 20 years old! Thats crazy… young women everywhere need to start taking care of there skin earlier then they might have thought. For me I am 3 years late! 

I loved the fact that I learned about makeup while hanging out with girl friends and drinking some wine. Any girl can have her own makeup party and get a free makeover, learn some new tips and discover make brand that may be completely new to you. 


To host your own makeup party contact Nicole Cevallos Govin- www.marykay.com/ncevallos (954) 673-1188

Melissa Torres learning makeup tips from makeup consultant Nicole  Cevallos Govin.

Makeup samples


Nicole and Michelle

My skincare treatment! I need 3 years to catch up on :)

✤ ✤ ✤

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  1. Wao, excellent tips, I did not know that neither ! Thank you for sharing those good tips with all the women out there.


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