Mar 1, 2014

Studio Chic

Necklace: LOFT
Top: TJ Maxx
Pants: BCBG Generation
Shoes: Aldo
   Today's post is a little sneak peek into my designing part of my life. I have always love to create and design clothing for women. I think there is something so powerful when a women feels beautiful. When you put on an outfit it can really change your entire self esteem. That's why I love dress in a way that makes me feel beautiful and confident, and that is also why I love to create clothing that can give women that feeling. 

Many people may think that getting dressed or putting looks together is something mechanical but it's actually not all about what "matches" its about how you are going to feel and how you can make others feel. Have you ever seen someones outfit and been like "wow I love that" or "that girl looks amazing" 
That is what I want to help other woman feel. I want women to feel beautiful by what they wear, and how they style it. 

Fashion is not an exact science and I feel that is the reason why it is so exciting. Its always changing keeping you on your toes! 

Here are some pics of my humble little "studio" (out of my garage). Which I am very proud of! I'm not the first to start out in a garage you know.. (Steve Jobs, Walt Disney…)


✤ ✤ ✤


  1. Wao, I'm so proud of you! Because, you are not only sharing the best of your work ( looks and surroundings), but, the ugly part too! Like the "Garage" the place where everything else, and most important the place where you spent a lot of your time, putting your inspiration into action, and wonderful creations comes out of it. Congratulations! Most successful people started out of a small garage!

  2. Correction : "Garage" the place where everything is! (*)


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