May 17, 2020

How To Style Curly Hair

This quarantine I have made it my task to try and revitalize my curls. I have been blow-drying and straightening my hair for years and my curls have been effected by that. I spent 2 months washing it and leaving it curly and I realized I didn't really know how to style it and leaving it air drying wasn't looking too cute lol. So decided to try Truecurl Haircare and I loved it. It smells great and it helps your curls stay without leaving your hair hard. 

I also realized that I couldn't just leave my hair wet all day I needed to dry it. So since I needed to by a diffuser to properly dry my curly hair I started to do some research and decided to but a new blow dryer. I bought this Conair InfinityPro blow dryer. I wanted a tool that would work and was affordable. It has amazing power and three heat temperature settings! Which is ideal when you're trying to dry curly hair. You don't want to always put the most heat directly but you want a medium heat and some times cool heat to flow around the hair. 


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