May 1, 2020

Make a Fashion Statement During Quarantine

This past Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I was dreading how strange it was going to be considering that we are all stuck at home. I had made plans to go on a beautiful trip to celebrate but clearly that had to be canceled. But little did I know this was going to be the most special birthday ever! My family and friends surprised me with a drive by caravan with signs, balloons and presents while they honked their horns for me. “Thank God” I thought to myself, that I was dressed up and not wearing sweats! We may still be in quarantine but that doesn't mean we can't look chic. If you are like me you are over wearing your same old lounge wear all day around the house. You want to dress up, but lets be honest we aren’t going to be wearing cocktail dress around the house all day. You can make a statement with your look by wearing a crop top with some high-waisted jeans. Here are three amazing crop tops that elevate your look. I styled each look with black high-waisted jeans to keep the look casual yet feeling bit dressier.

The first look is this is a Leopard printed crop top with a sheer oversized organza sleeve. This is a great look for a special dinner date at home or Skype call with your girlfriends. This top completely unzips in the front and can be worn with and without a bra. I love the black and brown tone of this top, gives the leopard print a more elevated look. 

This second look is a Black Knit Crop Top with a sheer organza sleeve. This look is so chic and so comfortable. I love how perfectly snug and comfortable this crop top fits! This is a top you can wear all day around the house and feel glamorous. I love the neckline; it is deep like a V but actually has more of a scoop. 

This third look is a Black Metallic Front Twist Crop Top. I love this top because it gives the illusion of a pleather look, which has been so on trend. This is a style you see all the Kardashian’s wearing, from Kim to Kendall. Yet the fabric is a soft stretch with a metallic finish, which makes it very comfortable. This is also a top you can wear all day. 

All these looks are a validation of how all black always makes a style look more chic and elevated even if it is being worn with denim. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and dress up even if you are at home. During this quarantine I have noticed the days I do my makeup, do my hair and get dressed up I feel so much better! The great thing about these pieces is that they will transition perfectly once our lives start to go back to normal. 

Now let’s say you don’t want to do all black, or you are more of a dress girl but you don’t want to be in a housedress all day. This is the perfect fashion statement! This Blue Belted Pocket Detail Denim Dress is trendy and fashionable and not basic! My favorite part of this dress is the oversized sleeve. I also love that fact that the denim fabric is actually soft and not harsh. This is what makes this dress comfortable to be in all day. You pair this dress with some heels or you can add some dad sneakers to give it that street style look. 

I hope I inspired you to get up, get dressed and feel glammed because you deserve to feel good. We may not have things going on or places to go but we can make ourselves feel good by setting the tone. 


✤ ✤ ✤

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