Dec 19, 2020

Getting Ready for New Year Resolutions!

I know, I know Christmas has not even happened yet but it’s time we started thinking about what new year resolutions we want to make for 2021! 

First off let’s just celebrate the fact that 2020 is almost over! It has been a hard year but for many of us it has made us reflect and realize what is important to us. Even though I know many us spent a our days eating our feelings (lol) it’s time to make a change for 2021 and get back in shape! 

For me I didn’t work out this year basically at all! So my first resolution is to create a workout plan and stick to it. For me it’s always easier to want to work out when I have a cute workout outfit! Like these form FeelinGirl

This sports bra and leggings are so cute and the perfect inspiration outfit to make me want to exercise. But let’s be honest some of us may need a little boost in our workout. In the past I have trained with waist trainers and it really is a game changer to help suck you in and define your waist. My favorite women waist trainer belt is the one with hook and eyes and the velcro strap for that extra pull to make you feel sucked in and secure. Just like this one: 

Having new year resolutions are great but the key is to stick to it and remember that results will not happen overnight. Of course we have to keep working on our commitments and use every little bit of extra help a long the way. Especially if your resolution involves a fitness goal like mine you want a little extra help to help you look your best while your working on achieving your goals. My suggestion here ladies is a slimming bodysuit. Bodysuits are ideal to help smooth the skin and flatten any little rolls. That way you will look and feel your best underneath your clothes!

I hope you start thinking what resolutions you want to make for the new year and start creating a plan. Write it down, invest in the right tools and you will set yourself up for success. 


✤ ✤ ✤

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